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Once in a while new trends, such as the processing of RGB lighting in everything, pass by in the gaming industry. Rarer is when companies really come up with something new that has not been done before. With the Logitech Powerplay mouse pad, Logitech G has really put something new this time. Let's take a close look at this technological feat.

Logitech G PowerPlay Wireless Charging System

  • Hard and soft surface
  • RGB lighting
  • Charging function for your mouse
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  • Your mouse is never empty, because it charges while you play.
  • Because the receiver is close to you, you no longer suffer from delays.
  • Effortlessly switch between a soft or hard mat.
  • I need software first install before I can set the lighting.
  • Use the mouse pad only with the G703 and the G903 gaming mice.

What is it?

What is it

The Logitech Powerplay is a mouse pad designed to work with the G903 and G703 Lightspeed wireless gaming mice available from July 2017. Why specifically those models? The Powerplay is not a simple mat, because there is a lot of technology in this thin mouse pad. You replace the mouse weight of these models with the Powercore module supplied with the Powerplay. For example, the mouse mat also serves as a receiver and charges the mouse when it is on the mouse pad.

Why do I want it?

Why do I want it

The Powerplay takes away all gaming disadvantages of a wireless mouse. This way, the mouse charges when it's on the mouse pad and you can avoid the small but tangible delay you feel with standard wireless mice, thanks to the lightspeed connection. The only 'downside' to the Powerplay is that you can only use it in combination with the G703 and G903 mouse (as of now).

What's included in the box?

Contents box

Logitech Powerplay consists of:

  • The Powerplay Dock
  • The Powercore loadbase
  • The Powercore module for your G903 or G703 mouse
  • A hard and a soft mousepad
  • A USB cable for the charging base to provide power

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