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How do I set up my TP-Link router?

You can easily install your TP-Link router via the app. Still, you may get a bit caught up in the whole installation process. In this article, we'll explain in 7 steps how to install a TP-Link router.

Get started with the setup of your TP-Link router

TP-Link router

Get started with the setup of your TP-Link routerSetting up a router can be difficult. Especially if you've never done it before. In this article, we'll help you set up a TP-Link router. The quickest way to do this is via the app.* Step 1: install the app* Step 2: connect your router* Step 3: set up an Internet connection* Step 4: open the Tether app* Step 5: adjust router settings* Step 6: save everything* Step 7: link to the Cloud

Step 1: install the TP-Link Tether app

Tether app

Open the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone. Search for 'TP-Link Tether' and install the app. With this Tether app, you can set up your router and manage it. Don't open the app until your new router has been connected.

Step 2: connect your router

Connect to router WiFi

Locate the modem of your Internet provider. You can find this near the spot where your phone line or main cable line enters the house. It's often in the fuse box. Insert a network cable into the yellow connector on your modem. Connect it to the yellow connector on your router and plug the connector of the router into the socket.

Step 3: connect to the Internet with the new router

TP-Link Tether log in

Open the WiFi settings on your phone and search for your new router. You can find the name and the password of the network on the bottom. Use the information on the label on the bottom of the router to establish a connection. Your phone might indicate that there's no internet connection available. That's correct, because you haven't installed the router yet.

Step 4: open the Tether app and log in

TP-Link Tether log in

Open the TP-Link Tether app. The app will start looking for TP-Link routers in your network right away. Did it locate your router? You'll find it under 'local devices'. Press the icon to start the installation and enter the username and password. You can find them on the sticker at the bottom of your router. Is login information not provided? Use 'admin' for both the username and the password.

Step 5: adjust router settings

TP-Link router setup

Now it's time to actually set up your router. The app will help you get through the settings. First, choose the connection type. Did you place your router behind the modem of your provider? In that case, always use 'Dynamic IP'. This way, your modem will automatically assign an IP address to your router. If this doesn't work, your Internet provider will know what to do. In the second step, you can still name the network yourself and choose your own password. Tip: choose something difficult that's easy for you to remember.

Step 6: save everything and connect to the Internet

Connect TP-Link router

You've now adjusted all the settings. You'll get an overview with the name you've chosen for your network, among other things. Make sure that you remember the name. You can write it down in a notebook, for example. In the top right corner, click 'Save' to save all settings. This will only take a few minutes. After that, the router will test the connection. Click on 'Finish' to complete the setup.

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