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Advice on trimming your buxus

The buxus is a green winter plant that doesn't grow quickly and is easily trimmed in shape. This makes it an ideal plant to make decorative spheres, cones, or hedges to fill your garden. When and how you best take care of the buxus, you can read here.

In short

When to trim Get started on a cloudy day 2 to 4 times between May and September.
Trim buxus shape Use a handheld hedge trimmer from top to bottom and follow the shape of the plant with the trimmer.
Trim buxus hedge Use a hedge trimmer of your choice and cut the top more narrowly than the bottom.

When are you going to trim?

Trim buxus with hedge trimmers

Trim a buxus 2 to 4 times a year. The more often you trim, the more full the buxus is. The first time you trim it is in mid May, when it doesn't freeze at night. Make sure you always trim it on a cloudy day, so that you don't burn the leaves. Trim on a sunny day, spray the leaves with water before trimming and cover them afterwards. Trim for the last time in September, before the night frost starts.

How do you trim buxus shapes?

Trim buxus sphere

If you're going to trim your buxus into a shape, use a buxus trimmer. This compact trimmer is simple and pleasant to handle. If you prefer to use a manual hedge trimmer, that's also possible. Start at the top of the plant. Turn the scissors around so that you follow the shape and trim beautiful round shapes. Walk along during trimming and regularly check your results. To make the structure of your shape look good, you trim buxus shapes in May, July and September.

How do you trim your buxus hedge?

Trim buxus hedge

In fact, every hedge trimmer is suitable for a buxus in the shape of a hedge. Span a rope around the sides of the hedge to make trimming easier. Make sure the top is more narrow than the bottom so that the sunlight isn't blocked. Afterwards, trim the top. Don't be alarmed if you see dry branches or leaves after trimming. These will automatically fall off. If your hedge has grown too big, you should trim it at the end of February or early March. The buxus will still grow new leaves.

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