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What do I do if my Wacom pen doesn't work?

Does not the pen of your Wacom drawing tablet respond? This may have to do with a worn pen tip. In addition, it is possible that the Wacom driver is not up-to-date. In this article you can read how to solve these problems in 4 steps. So you can quickly get started with your Wacom drawing tablet.

What do you need?


To get back to work creatively you need the following things:

  • A ruler
  • A new nib
  • A computer with internet connection
  • A pair of tweezers, a pair of pliers or similar tools

Step 1. Measure the pen tip

Measure nib

First it is important to find out if your nib is actually worn out. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Place the ruler along the pin.
  2. Is the pen tip shorter than 1 millimeter?
  • If so, replace it with a spare nib.
  • If not, go to step 3: 'Update driver'.

Step 2. New pen tip

New nibs

Wip pen tips are included with all Wacom drawing tablets. Often they are hidden in the pen itself.

  • With ** Intuos ** models, you can open the cover at the back.
  • With ** Intuos Pro & Cintiq ** drawing tabs, open the pen holder.
  • Do not have spare nibs left? Purchase new pen points.

Step 3. Replace pen tip


Below you can read in 2 steps how to replace the pen tip of your Wacom pen.

  1. Pull the old nib straight out of the pen with tweezers, a sharp clamp or similar tool.
  2. Slide the new pen tip straight into the shaft of the pen and slowly push the tip all the way in until you feel resistance.
  • Test whether the pen responds. Does the pen still not work? Then proceed to step 4: 'Update driver'.

Step 4. Update Wacom Driver

Update driver

The cause is not at the nib. Probably the problem is caused by a software error, for example:

  • The Wacom driver is no longer up-to-date
  • An update has been performed for the operating system
  • An installation error has occurred during installation of the Wacom driver

These software errors can be solved by updating the Wacom driver.

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Robin Drawing Tablet Expert.

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