Versapers Titanium 3G

Pros and cons

According to our juicer expert
  • Pros:
    If your ingredients are caught, you can easily turn them back with the reverse function.
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the spacious filling opening of this slowjuicer you have much less cutting work in advance.
  • Pros:
    A vertical slowjuicer takes up less space on your counter than a horizontal slowjuicer.
  • Con:
    The individual parts are not dishwasher safe.
  • Con:
    This slow juicer does not have a foam separator to prevent a foam layer on your freshly squeezed juice.
Product Expert juicers

The Versapers Titanium is a slow juicer in which fruit and vegetables are gently bruised, instead of being centrifuged. This keeps vitamin, enzymes and minerals better. So you have healthy juice with more flavor that also lasts longer. The juicer is protected against overload but has a reverse button when it gets clogged. He is also very quiet and he processes both hard and soft vegetables and fruit. The juice that you get, you can easily dose thanks to the snap closure. The pressure vessel ensures that the juice flows through faster. Besides vegetables and fruit, you can also use it for wheat grass and leafy vegetables. Do you like the shell to leave the fruit? The machine can also handle this well here. Are you ready with the juicing? With the supplied brush and water you can easily clean the Versapers Titanium.

Included by default

  • Sapkan
  • Pulster reservoir
  • Coarse sieve
  • Cleaning brushes

Recommended combination

  • Recommended by the expert

    Easy on the go: bring your freshly squeezed juice with you in a smoothie cup.

    Versapers Titanium 3G + Smoothie cup

    • Versapers Titanium 3G
    € 347,99€ 346,84
    5% discount on the accessory
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2 years
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Carry-in warranty

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