Dali Zensor 7 white (per unit)

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This product is our choice for a top-notch column speaker.

Coolblue's Choice

Pros and cons

According to our HiFi speaker expert
  • Pros:
    Up to 150 watts of power per speaker.
  • Pros:
    2-way speakers: for clear reproduction of a large frequency range.
  • Pros:
    High and mid tones are very detailed.
  • Con:
    Not magnetically shielded; this can interfere with electrical appliances in the area.
Product Expert HiFi speakers

Dali Zensor series succeeds the Dali concept series. You'll easily fill your room with sound using the Dali Zensor 7. The Zensor 7 is Dali's showpiece and the perfect basic choice for your home cinema setup. In combination with the Zensor 1 of 3, Zensor Vokal, and a subwoofer, you'll have big sound, making each movie or concert an absolute pleasure.

Note: This speaker is supplied individually. For a stereo sound reproduction, you'll need at least 2 speakers.

Included by default

  • User manual
  • Spikes

4-star rating from What Hi-Fi

4-star rating from What Hi-Fi
The Dali Zensor 7 white (per unit) received a rating of 4 stars from the independent magazine What Hi-Fi.

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