Philips Series 9000 S9711/31

Pros and cons

  • Pros:
    This electric shaver has an LCD display from which you can read exactly how long you can still use the shaver.
  • Pros:
    By choosing out of 3 different settings, you can adjust the shaving power to what your skin needs at that moment.
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the included cleaning station, maintaining the shaver is no problem.
  • Con:
    The electric shaver doesn't have a precision trim attachment to define your beardline or to maintain sideburns.

Description Philips Series 9000 S9711/31

The Philips Series 9000 S9711/31 has a display from which you can quickly read different information. The battery life, for example, or when it's time to clean the electric shaver. This doesn't cost a lot of time, since this set also includes a cleaning station. Simply place the shaver in it, and the cleaning station cleans, lubricates, and dries the shaver head automatically. The electric shaver is suitable for shaving coarse beard growth, but you can also use it to model a fuller beard. For this, use the included beard trimmer attachment. Taking a vacation? Make sure to protect the shaver head while traveling by putting it in the hard travel case.

Included by default

  • Cleaning station
  • Beard trimmer attachment
  • Hard travel case
  • Manual

Recommended combinations

  • Philips Series 9000 S9711/31 + Maintenance

    • Philips Series 9000 S9711/31
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  • Philips Series 9000 S9711/31 + Neustrimmer

    • Philips Series 9000 S9711/31
    € 293,99 € 291,99
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Product number
Manufacturer code
2 years
Warranty type
Carry-in warranty

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Philips Series 9000 S9711/31

Philips Series 9000 S9711/31

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