Weber Briquette Starter Set

The disadvantage of charcoal barbecues is that you often have to wait a long time before you can start to barbecue. With this useful briquette starter set, you take a different approach and the coals are hot enough within 30 minutes. The set consists of one large briquette starter, 6 firelighters, and 2kg of briquettes. Place the firelighters on the lowest rack and place the charcoal or briquette-filled starter on top. The coals are close together and heat quickly thanks to the 'chimney effect'. As soon as they're at the right temperature, you just pour the coals out into the barbecue. There's room for 1.5 kilograms of briquettes in this Weber Briquette Starter.



Product number
Manufacturer code
2 years
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Next business day on-site warranty

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