Blaupunkt Q3200


Pros and cons

  • Pros:
    Thanks to the integrated camera in the motion detector, you'll instantly receive pictures when something is detected.
  • Pros:
    The sensors are battery powered and wireless, so you can position them wherever you want.
  • Pros:
    An app on your smartphone or tablet lets you see what happens at home anytime and anywhere.
  • Pros:
    When the alarm system is triggered, you'll be notified via an app and/or email.
  • Con:
    You need a smartphone to make optimal use of the alarm system.
  • Con:
    SMS notifications on your phone are only available with the Blaupunkt premium account.

Description Blaupunkt Q3200

Protect your home or office against burglars with the Blaupunkt Q3200. The alarm system consists of a main panel, a window/door sensor, and a motion detector, which has an integrated camera. It takes pictures at the moment the detector senses danger. The photos are forwarded to the app and/or sent via email straight away. You can operate the alarm system with the smartphone app (iOS and Android) or with the remote control. Thanks to the app, you'll always be familiar with what's happening at home, anywhere and at any time. When something sets off the alarm, a 95-decibel audio signal will be triggered. The alarm system runs on AC power and has a rechargeable 4.8V battery with a battery life of 15 hours in case of a power outage.

Included by default

  • IP Smart Alarm Hub
  • Window/door sensor
  • Motion detector with camera
  • Remote control
  • Manual

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