iSmartAlarm Starter Kit ISA1G

Pros and cons

  • Pros:
    When the alarm system is triggered, you'll receive a push notification on your smartphone.
  • Con:
    You need WiFi to make optimal use of the alarm system.

Description iSmartAlarm Starter Kit ISA1G

The iSmartAlarm Starter kit ISA1G is a complete alarm system. It consists of a base station with an integrated siren (110dB), a motion detector, a magnetic contact, and a remote control. If you download the free app on your smartphone (iOS and Android), you'll receive a notification on your phone when the system detects something, so you can take action immediately. The included sensors are battery powered, so you can position them wherever you want in your home. You can add the remote control to your key ring, so you'll still be able to switch the alarm system on or off remotely if your phone has run out of battery. You can expand the system with additional magnetic contacts, motion detectors, and an IP camera, for instance, to protect your home and your possessions against burglars even more effectively.

Included by default

  • Base station
  • AC adapter
  • Motion detector
  • Magnetic contact
  • Remote control
  • Network cable
  • Manual

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iSmartAlarm Starter Kit ISA1G

iSmartAlarm Starter Kit ISA1G

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