Airpress HLO 215/25

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Pickup in one of our 3 Coolblue stores?

Coolblue's Choice

This product is our choice for An oil-free mid-range.
Coolblue's Choice

Key specs

Net air output
130 l/m
Tank size
24 l
Noise level at 0m distance
99 dB (A)
Noise level at 4m distance
79 dB (A)

Pros and cons

According to our compressor expert
  • Pros:
    You don't just use the compressor for light blow work, but also in combination with heavier pneumatic tools.
  • Pros:
    It doesn't need to refill too often because of the relatively large 24-liter tank.
  • Pros:
    The compressor requires little maintenance because it's oil-free.
  • Con:
    If the compressor is running for a long time, hearing protection is recommended.
  • Con:
    With intensive use, the compressor has a shorter lifespan because it's oil-free.
Product Expert compressors

The Airpress HLO 215/25 is a compact compressor that comes in handy for various jobs. This 1,100-watt compressor has a net air output of 130 liters per minute, which is enough for both light and medium-heavy work. The tank capacity of 24 liters is sufficient to keep working for a longer period of time, regardless of whether you're inflating tires, cleaning the boat or caravan, untwisting nuts, or drilling holes. Thanks to the wheels and the handle, you can easily move the compressor to your workplace. With the HLO 215/25 your job is done quickly.

Included by default

  • Manual