iConnectivity iConnect MIDI4 +

The iConnectivity iConnect MIDI4 + is a MIDI interface with 4 MIDI inputs, 4 MIDI outputs and 2 USB connections. Do you often produce together with someone and do you want to use MIDI with 2 computers at the same time? Then the iConnect MIDI4 + is for you. Send MIDI data from your DAW or recording software to MIDI instruments. This allows you to send data from MIDI tracks, such as melodies and rhythms, to synthesizers and drum computers. Do you adjust a parameter of a MIDI instrument while recording a MIDI track? Then this is recorded in the recording of the MIDI track.

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    Connect your MIDI interface to your equipment via MIDI cables.

    iConnectivity iConnect MIDI4 + + AV cable

    • iConnectivity iConnect MIDI4 +
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