Chipolo Card White

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Pickup in one of our 3 Coolblue stores?

Pickup in one of our 3 Coolblue stores?

The Chipolo Card White is specially designed for your wallet. The bluetooth tracker has the format of a credit card. Download the Chipolo app on your smart device (iOS and Android). The app and the bluetooth tracker are connected to each other (up to 60 meters). The moment you can not find your wallet anywhere, you take your smart device. Open the app and click on the search button. At that moment, a sound of 95 dB goes off. So you found your wallet again. The tracker works on batteries. These last an average of 1 year.

Chipolo's Bluetooth trackers are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.



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4.5 / 5 stars
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    The battery

I like it because it's pragmatic!

Alessandra Volpe | 11 June 2019 | In the color: White

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