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5 reasons to buy an IP camera

With an IP camera you provide camera security at home. You keep an eye on things and look back on images if something goes wrong. In addition, you can see remotely what your children are doing. Or check your pet when you are away from home. In this article we give you 5 reasons to buy an IP camera.

2) See what your children are doing

IP camera as a baby monitor

Place an IP camera in the nursery. That way you always know how your baby or toddler is doing. From the living room you can easily watch what happens in the nursery. Buy an IP camera with a microphone and speaker and reassure your child. That way you no longer have to get up with every sound your child makes. Thanks to the ip camera you can see and hear exactly what's going on.

3) Prevent burglaries and vandalism

IP camera intrusion prevention

Hanging an IP camera on your façade is daunting. Burglars or vandals know that they are being recorded. An IP camera is therefore a good means for burglary prevention. Do people sneak into your garden unnoticed? Choose a camera with an alarm that sounds when an intruder is signaled. Or connect the camera to your smart garden lighting. You let all the lights go on when someone is spotted. That way you also drive away uninvited guests.

4) Save evidence if things go wrong


Should a thief unexpectedly come in or something be destroyed? Then you have images of the perpetrators. When submitting your declaration, enter a description. The police can also ask for the camera images. This makes it easier to trace the perpetrators. Possibly your things will be found quickly.

5) Keep an eye on your pets

Pet IP camera

Finally, you also use your IP camera to monitor your pet. For example, do you doubt whether your dog is still when you go to work? Or does your cat occasionally cause destruction? Place a camera in the room where they are and you will see what happens. Use a camera with a built-in speaker and you can even speak to your pet. You can do this easily via the app of your IP camera.

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