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How do I maintain my air conditioner?

An air conditioning system is pretty low maintenance. Yet, it's a good idea to do a check at least 2 times a year. Since you're dealing with dust and dirt from outside, there's a chance of your air conditioner's functioning diminishing over time. On this page, you'll read what you should pay attention to when maintaining your air conditioner.

Maintaining a split air conditioner

Maintaining a split air conditioner

The most important thing is to keep your air conditioner clean. Of course, it's good to run a damp cloth over the indoor and the outdoor unit now and then, but in this case it's mainly about cleaning the filters. Dust and dirt from outside will accumulate on the filters, so no clean air gets blown into the space anymore. This can make you feel sick or cause an allergic reaction. Use a vacuum to get the outside of the filter dust-free. Is that not enough? Rinse the filter with lukewarm water.

Refilling the air conditioner

Refill the airco

An air conditioner cools the air using cooling agent, also known as Freon. Over time, the amount of cooling agent in the air conditioner decreases due to evaporation, among other causes. Without cooling agent in the air conditioner, the air won't get cooled anymore. In order to keep efficiency as high as possible and energy consumption as low as possible, you should have the cooling agent refilled in time (once every 2 years on average). You shouldn't do this yourself; rather, have a professional plumber do it, since filling is meticulous work, and no air should get into the system.


  • Clean the filters at least 2 times a year.
  • Regularly clean the inner and the outer unit using a clean (dust) cloth.
  • Rinse the filters with lukewarm water in case of severe contamination.
  • Have a professional refill the cooling agent in the air conditioner.
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