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How do I check Astro gaming firmware and audio settings?

Does your microphone not work? Do you not get any sound? Or do you have another problem with your Astro A40TR or A50 gaming headset? The most common problems often have the same solutions, namely updating the firmware or checking the settings. Read here what you need to do to solve the problem.

Step 1. Preparations

Astro settings

Astro software installation

  • Download the Astro Software, https://www.astrogaming.com/customer-service/firmware-and-software/software.html Software already installed? Go to Step 2. Update Firmware.
  • Choose the download for your operating system:
  • Windows? Choose PC Download.
  • MacOS? Select MAC Download.
  • Open the downloaded file and follow the installation steps of the Astro software (Astro Command Center).

Connect Astro devices

  • Close it base station (switch on the PC mode on the base station) or the MixAmp (press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds) on the PC or Mac for power, via the micro USB to USB cable.
  • Put the gaming headset in the base station or connect it to the MixAmp via the micro usb to usb cable (charging cable).

Step 2. Update firmware

Update firmware
  1. If the devices are connected, the Astro Command Center will automatically search for firmware updates.
  • No new updates available? Go to Step 3. Checking sound settings.
  • Are new updates available? Continue with the steps below.
  1. Click Update and then click Update again.
  2. The update is now being executed and installed. With MixAmps the gaming headset will need to be reconnected. Press and hold the Power button until it changes from white to red.

Step 3. Check sound settings

Check sound settings
  1. Check the sound settings of the gaming headset via the Astro Command Center.
  2. Below you can see 3 sound options, Equalizer, Microphone and Stream port.
  • For problems with sound reproduction, check the Equalizer settings.
  • For problems with the microphone, check the Microphone settings.
  • To adjust the balance between different audio output, check Stream port.
  1. Adjust the sound settings to personal preference, if you want to test the changes then first press Sync to Device.


  • Select the desired sound control for your gaming headset. You can choose from presets or (self-) adjusted sound control.
  • Click on Revert for the default setting.
  • Click Save if you have created a custom sound control.
  • Click Sync to Device to change the (modified) setting ( and) to test.


Use microphone
  • Noise gate (sensitivity mic input). Choose the most suitable profile for your environment. Click Sync to Device to test the setting.
  • Do you suffer from noise? Change the Noise Gate profile or adjust the USB Mic Level or Side Tone.
  • Streaming: Suitable for quiet (home) environment. (Lowest sensitivity.)
  • Night: Suitable for nightly game sessions. (Suitable for whispering.)
  • Home: Default setting.
  • Tournament: Suitable for a busy environment. (Filters out ambient noise.)
  • Mic Equalizer.

Stream port

Stream port
  • Via this menu you can apply the sound settings of the base station or MixAmp, this can also be adjusted via the sound settings of a game console. Click Sync to Device to test the setting.
  • GAME: Volume display of the game.
  • CHAT AUDIO: Volume display of chat.
  • MICROPHONE: Volume input from the microphone.
  • AUX: Volume display of a headset that is connected via the 3.5 mm mini-jack.

Does not it work yet?

The problem should now be solved. A lot of game fun!

** Problem not solved? **

  1. Switch the gaming headset on and let it drain completely until it is empty.
  2. Then you charge the gaming headset for at least 12 hours on a piece.

** Still does not work? **

Translating that the suggested solution has not solved the problem. Unfortunately, there is nothing else than sending the gaming headset for repair.

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