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How do I clean a electric shaver?

In oder to make sure your electric shaver works optimally, you'll need to clean it. The simplest way to clean your electric shaver is to simply rinse it under a faucet. To really thoroughly clean your electric shaver, though, you have to do a few more things.

Step 1. Prepare

To prepare

Cleaning the shaver foil always starts with checking if your shaving system is turned off. It might look very safer, but an electric shaver uses razor blades. You could get a cut before you know it.

Step 2. Cleaning


Once you've checked that, you open the electric shaver by detaching the shaver head unit from the handle part. If you have an electric shaver with a foil system, you do this by pressing the sides of the shaver unit and pulling it until you hear a click. If you have a shaver head system, you usually have to use a button on the front, after which you'll have to apply some force to the hinge.

2.1 Brush


Next, you have to clean the electric shaver's head with a brush. The brush is often included. If you've lost it, use an old toothbrush. If you're cleaning a foil system, make sure don't scrub the shaver foil with the brush. That will damage the foil.

2.2 Disconnect shaver rings

Shaving rings

Are you cleaning a shaver head system? First take the shaver rings out of the head. You do this by twisting open the retaining rings. Next, keep the blade and the guard together. These will mold themselves to each other's shape over time, so clean the blades and guards together 1 by 1.

Step 3. Lubricating

Shaving the shaving head

Are all the parts clean? Then It's time to lubricate the shaver head. If you're using a cleaning spray, you spray the liquid onto the shaver foil. If you have lubricating oil, you gently apply it to the shaver foil. If you've used another fluid, leave the shaver foil in a bowl of water mixed with the fluid for a few minutes.

Step 4. Assembly


After you've cleaned, lubricated, and dried the interior and the shaver head, you have to reassemble everything. If you use a shaver head system, check carefully if you combine the tabs that hold the rings correctly. They only fit in 1 way. Once you've clicked the shaver head onto the handle, the electric shaver is ready for use again.

Maintenance products

Want to get started on maintaining your electric shaver, but don't have the necessary cleaners?

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