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Upright freezer: how much does A+++ save compared to A+?

With an A+++ freezer instead of an A+, you prevent the same CO2 emissions as you would when you wouldn't shower for 4.5 years. In addition to reducing CO2 for the environment, you also earn some extra cash. Ultimately, you'll save € 148 with an energy-efficient freezer.

For the environment

visual shower head

A+++ prevents the CO2 emissions of 4.5 years of showering

If you opt for an A+++ freezer instead of an A+ one, you save the environment an average of 955 kilograms worth of CO2 emissions. For comparison: a Dutch person with average shower use is responsible for 200 kilograms of CO2 emissions per year. Opt for an energy-efficient freezer and you'll save about the same amount of CO2 as when you don't shower for 4.5 years. This comparison was made based on the average lifespan of a freezer: 18 years.

Forest with 48 trees

A+ costs 48 trees a year's worth of growth

During its 18-year lifespan, a non-efficient A+ freezer uses 1,469kWh worth of energy more than an energy-efficient model on average. This consumption is equivalent to 955 kilograms of CO2 emissions. To remove this extra CO2 from the air, 48 trees have to grow for a year. This comparison only applies if you have gray power at home. Green power, generated by solar panels and wind turbines, has no CO2 footprint.

For you

Freezer saving

A+++ saves € 148

Despite the higher purchase costs of an energy-efficient freezer, you'll ultimately save an average of € 148. This is because an A+++ freezer uses less energy. The annual energy costs are almost € 20 lower than those of a non-energy-efficient freezer. After 10 years, you'll have already earned back the purchase price difference. A freezer lasts an average of 18 years. This means that after those 10 years, you'll save € 20 per year. Now that's a profit!

Extra costs freezer

A+ costs € 148 more

After the average 18-year lifespan of an A+ freezer, you'll have paid about € 148 more than if you opt for an A+++ freezer. Yes, an A+ freezer is cheaper to purchase, but due to higher energy costs, you'll have paid more after the lifespan of the freezer. For a non-energy-efficient model, you pay an average of € 57 per year in energy costs, while the costs for an energy-efficient model are only € 38.

Cost comparison

A+++ A+
Annual energy costs € 38 € 57
Average purchase price € 784 € 594
Total costs after 18 years (purchase price + energy costs) € 1478 € 1625

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