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Advice on grilling

When you want to grill ingredients, it is important to know what material your pan consists of. This material can ensure that ingredients are cauterized more quickly or better retain the heat. The material also determines how you should maintain the pan. This advice page helps you make the choice for the right material and also offers insight into small things that you have to pay attention to when buying a grill pan.

1. What does the material say about the pan?

Grill pans are usually made of cast iron or aluminum. Each type of material has its own pros and cons. Which material you choose depends on the money you want to spend on a pan and the ease with which you want to maintain the pan.

Cast iron

Cast iron pans

Cast iron is a heavy and hard material that can withstand high pressures and is, in most cases, oven-proof. It absorbs heat relatively slowly, but it holds it for a very long time. It is also resistant to very high temperatures, will not deform and can last for years. To make the cast iron scratch and rustproof, and for a decorative effect, it is provided with a vitreous layer of enamel. Cast iron pans can easily be cleaned with warm water and detergent. Often they are also suitable for the dishwasher, although the enamel layer may eventually become dull. If a pan is very dirty, it can be soaked with a little soda. Cast iron is suitable material for a grill pan, because the heat is retained for a long time and it can withstand very high temperatures.


Aluminum pan

A metal that is used for many different applications is aluminum. It is considerably lighter than cast iron, but it is strong and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum provides very good heat conduction, is lightweight and in many cases oven-resistant. A disadvantage is that it can deform more easily, so that pans on a gas stove can warp over time. Anodised (hardened) aluminum is more resistant to this. In contrast to, for example, stainless steel, an aluminum pan must absolutely not be cleaned with soda. This will damage the aluminum and cause it to dissolve. An aluminum pan can easily be cleaned in soapy water with soap or detergent.

2. What else can you pay attention to?

When you have made a choice for a grill pan with the material with the right properties, there are still many different grill pans to choose from. There are saucepans with and without cold handles, or grill pans that are suitable or not suitable for the oven. The choice of the best grill pan for you ultimately depends on how important your ease of use is and how much you want to spend on a grill pan.

3. For which heat sources is the pan suitable?

Gas stove

When you buy a pan, you need to know how to use the pan. For which heat sources is the pan suitable? For more information about heat sources, I refer you to the page below.

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