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How do I maintain my bagless vacuum?

A few weeks ago you bought a vacuum cleaner from us, great! We hope you're just as happy with your household friend as when you picked it out. To ensure that you get the most out of your vacuum cleaner, I have a number of maintenance tips. This way the vacuum cleaner will last longer and the suction power remains optimal. And hopefully at the end of this article, I can surprise you with some fun facts.

Emptying and cleaning the dust container

Emptying the dust container

It seems like an open door, but the most important thing with a vacuum cleaner without a bag is emptying and cleaning the dust container. If you wait too long with this, the suction power will decrease and you'll run the risk of damaging your vacuum cleaner. And that would be a shame. Empty the dust bin regularly, and occasionally clean it with a dry cloth. If you want to use a wet cloth, that's no problem, but make sure to dry the dust container afterwards. Otherwise, all dust particles will stick to the dust container the next time you use it.

Cleaning or replacing filters

Clean the filter


Most bagless vacuum cleaners have 3 filters. A filter in the dust container, an exhaust filter, and a motor filter. You should clean the filter in the dust container most often. Do this at least once a month. Thoroughly clean the exhaust filter once every 2 months. This is slightly more often than with a vacuum cleaner with a bag as the dust in the dust container has more freedom to reach the exhaust air. You don't have to clean the motor filter very often, but do this at least once a year. The manual of your vacuum cleaner states where these filters are located and how you clean them. If you have pets, make sure to do this more often as the filters also prevent odors.

Replacing the vacuum filter without bag


There's no clear time schedule for when you have to replace the filters. A trick to find out if it's time to replace the exhaust filter is checking the exhaust air. If the vacuum cleaner starts emitting a musty odor and you get the feeling the dust is simply blown back into the room, it's time to replace the filter. The motor filter generally lasts longer. Check this once in a while, and keep an eye on whether the vacuum cleaner starts to sound differently.

Help! The suction power's decreasing

Vacuum's suction power is decreasing

It's annoying, but no reason to throw the vacuum cleaner out. In many cases, there's a reason for the decrease in suction.

  • Check if something's blocking the suction brush.
  • Check if something's blocking the vacuum cleaner tube or hose.
  • Empty the dust container and clean it thoroughly.
  • Clean the filters. Note that vacuums often have multiple filters, so make sure to clean them all thoroughly.
  • Replace the filters if necessary.

Did you know...

Vacuum cleaner tidbits
  • About 45% of all Dutch people own more than 1 vacuum cleaner? Often 1 for each floor.
  • When you've lost your crevice tool, an empty toilet roll will work?
  • Sucking up a tiny pinch of cinnamon will keep the scent of autumn in the house for a month?
  • You can clean the mattress with the vacuum cleaner? Sprinkle some soda onto the mattress, leave it on for 30 minutes, then vacuum it off with an upholstery tool.
  • You can remove furniture imprints from the rug with the vacuum cleaner and some ice cubes? Place ice cubes on the spots and wait until they've melted and the water is dry. Use the vacuum cleaner on it and you're done!
  • For some vacuum cleaners, the motor runs at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour? Wow.
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