Written by Fatima

How do I set up Fujifilm Camera Remote?

With the Fujifilm Camera Remote application you can connect your Fujifilm camera to your smart device. This way you use the smart device as a remote control for your camera. Download images or copy location data to your camera. You also send photos and videos directly to your family and friends. In this article you can read how to set up the Fujifilm Camera Remote application.

Step 1: download the Fujifilm Camera Remote application

Download the Fujifilm Camera Remote application on your smart device to connect your camera. Go to the playstore if you have an Android device. If you have an Apple phone or tablet, you go to the appstore.

Step 2: Open the Fujifilm Camera Remote start-up screen

*In the menu of your camera tap the option 'Wireless communication' or click on the wifi button of your camera. *You will then be assigned the step to open the application on your smart device.

Step 3: connect your smart device to the camera

*Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your smart device. *Connect to the wifi hotspot of your camera. *Open the Fujifilm Camera Remote application on your smart device and click on 'Connect.' *The application now searches for your camera and connects the devices.

Step 4: getting started

Your camera is linked to your smart device. You can now easily transfer photos and videos. Browse your Fujifilm camera gallery via your smart device, take recordings remotely and add the location data to your images.

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