How do I pay for small products with EcoCheques?

You can only pay with EcoCheques in one of our 3 Coolblue stores.

  • View the list of our EcoCheque products.
  • Add the chosen product to your shopping cart.
  • Choose the option 'Pick up in store'.
  • Go to the store on the chosen time, with your EcoCheques.
  • Pick up the product you ordered and pay with the EcoCheques.
  • Does your order total more than the value of the EcoCheques? You can pay the rest with cash or PIN.

Note: Do you want to buy a large product with your EcoCheques, like a washing machine or fridge? The procedure is slightly different. In the next paragraph, you can read what to do in that case.

How do I pay for large products with EcoCheques?

Note: most products (such as washing machines, refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers) are too large for the warehouse of our stores and can not be delivered there. We like to deliver such a large product to your home, so you do not have to drag it yourself. For these products go to our stores, we will immediately make a free delivery appointment.

Large product that can not be delivered in the store?

  • View the list of our ecocheque products.
  • Go - with the eco vouchers - at the time of your choice to the store.
  • Order in the shop together with the store employee the product you have chosen.
  • Pay with eco checks and let our store employees plan a free delivery appointment.
  • Is your order more expensive than the value of the eco checks? Then you can pay with cash or debit card.
  • The product will be delivered to your home.

** Please note: ** The eco voucher can not be converted to cash. If you send a product back then you will not receive cash for your eco check.

What can I buy with EcoCheques?

EcoCheques can only be spent to products 'of an ecological nature'. In short, products that have a major influence on the energy-efficiency of your household. For example, fridges, washing machines, and other energy-consuming appliances can be replaced by models that have less influence on nature and your energy bill. The products that qualify are selected and put in an official list made by the government.

At Coolblue, you can pay with the following EcoCheques

  • The paper versions by Edenred and Sodexo.
  • The electronic versions by Edenred, Sodexo, and Monizze.
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