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Why does my smoke alarm go off without a reason?

Does your smoke detector often go off when there's no fire to be seen? On this page, you can read about all of the various causes for a false alarm.

The smoke detector is installed in the wrong place

The smoke detector will falsely go off if it's placed to close to a place where steam or water vapor is released. That's why you need to ensure a correct placement in the following spaces:

Explanation per space


The hallway and stairway are the most important locations to install a smoke detector because these are the escape routes in your home. If your house has multiple floors, make sure to install a smoke detector on each floor. Install the smoke detector at least 3 meters away from damp rooms such as the bathroom.


Install, in addition to the smoke detector in the hallway and the stairway, a smoke detector in the bedroom. In case a fire breaks out in this room, you'll know right away.

Kitchen Don't install the smoke detector too close to the kitchen. The smoke detector will go off when it's located too close to a device that produces combustion particles, such as an oven. The smoke detector can't distinguish between cooking vapors and smoke particles. The smoke detector will recognize water vapor as smoke, too. Think of the steam that's released by a stove kettle, for example. If you insist on installing a smoke detector in your kitchen, you should opt for a heat detector instead. This detecter only responds to high temperatures or rapid increases in temperature instead of smoke.

Living room

Keep in mind that a smoke detector in the living room should be located at least 6 meters away from devices that produce combustion particles, such as radiators, boilers, and ovens. Additionally, it's important to keep the smoke detector at least 0.5 meters away from lamps, and 1.5 meters away from fluorescent lamps. Finally, make sure to keep the smoke detector away from air streams that originate form open doors, windows, or fans.

The sensor chamber of the smoke detector is dusty

Cleaning a smoke detector

Dust that's building up inside of the smoke detector can cause for the sensor to become more sensitive and falsely go off. That's why you should clean the smoke detector at least once per month. You can read how to do this on the next page:

There's an insect inside of the smoke detector's sensor chamber

A spider that has crawled inside of the sensor chamber is able to activate the alarm. That's why you should vacuum the sensor chamber at least once per month. Make sure to use a brush attachment.

The smoke detector has broken down

Broken smoke detector

Have you checked for all of the issues mentioned above and is the smoke detector still going off? There's a chance that the smoke detector might be defective. In case of a technical defect, many smoke detectors will give off false alarms. Replace the batteries of the smoke detector or replace the entire smoke detector if it's not working.

Paint and other volatile substances

Paint can also lead to a false alarm. If you're painting the house, always make sure to open a windows and let the room properly ventilate so the smoke detector won't go off.

The smoke detector gives off a short beep

If the smoke detector doesn't go off, but only beeps every now and then, make sure to read the following article:

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