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The main pros and cons of a NoFrost freezer

A NoFrost freezer is generally a bit more expensive to purchase, but has a number of advantages. You don't have to defrost a freezer with NoFrost, and your frozen products retain their taste and structure. This article lists the pros and cons.

Pro: never defrost again

Never defrost again NoFrost

If we look at the advantages of No Frost, the fact that you'll never have to defrost again is number 1 by far. Consider this: no more having to empty the freezer 5 to 6 times a year, throwing out the groceries, and chiseling away all the ice.

Pro: fresh products

Fresh products thanks to NoFrost

NoFrost ensures that your products stay fresh and retain their flavor for longer. In a freezer without an anti-frost system, ice crystals will start to form on your frozen products. These crystals affect the taste and structure. After some time in the freezer, ice cream that was once creamy and tasteful will become icy and watery. Ice cream stored in a NoFrost freezer stays tasty.

Pro: comfort

Comfort from NoFrost

Frozen drawers that barely open, product frozen to the back wall, and illegible labels are a thing of the past with a NoFrost freezer. Effortlessly open drawer and grab all the frozen products you need without a care in the world. Nice and easy.

Con: more expensive

Costs No Frost freezer

On average, you pay about € 82 more for NoFrost. Don't think NoFrost is worth that much? There are also freezers with Low Frost. These models need to be defrosted once or twice a year.

Con: not as silent

Noise level No Frost freezer

A NoFrost freezer is generally a little more noisy than a model without NoFrost. Fortunately, there are also models with both NoFrost and a low noise level.

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