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What is a pressure cooker?

In a pressure cooker, you can cook ingredients in a short time, by steaming them under high pressure. Cooking with a pressure cooker not only saves you a lot of time, but is also healthier than when you boil ingredients in water. For example, you can make potatoes, vegetables, or a stew in a pressure cooker. In this article, I explain how a pressure cooker works exactly and what the benefits are.

How does a pressure cooker work?

Pressure cooker lid with steam

In a pressure cooker, you can quickly cook ingredients under high steam pressure. You fill the pan with the ingredients and a splash of water or broth. Next, you close the pan airtight with the lid. By placing the pan on a heat source, steam is created and the pressure increases. When the dish is ready, first let steam escape through the vent valve. Only then is it safe to remove the lid.

The advantages of a pressure cooker

Pressure cooker with rice

Cooking with a pressure cooker is very easy. Stew doesn't have to be boiled all morning before it is cooked. This is done in only 50 minutes in a pressure cooker. You can cook potatoes until in about 6 minutes. This is very useful if you want to quickly put a meal on the table during the week. In addition, vitamins are better preserved because you close the pan airtight during cooking. This prevents oxygen from breaking down vitamins during cooking.

You can make this in a pressure cooker

Pressure cooker with stew

There are many ingredients that can be cooked in a pressure cooker. Consider, for example, potatoes, meat, soup, and rice. Keep in mind that you always have to add moisture to the pan, otherwise there will be no steam. It's not possible to get a crispy bite with this cooking technique. You can easily make one-pan dishes in a pressure cooker because you cook several ingredients together at once.

A pressure cooker or a cooking pot?

Pressure cooker lid with steam knob

The difference between a pressure cooker and a normal cooking pot lies in the cooking process. You fill a traditional saucepan with water, which you then bring to the boil. In this water, you cook the ingredients until done. Even when you place the lid on the pan, steam and flavor will always escape. In a pressure cooker, cooking is done under high pressure and steam escapes in a very controlled manner, thanks to the pressure controller. This way, you can prepare ingredients faster and retain vitamins and taste better.

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