Profigold Audio HiFi Kabel 1 meter

If you want your equipment to be of the highest possible quality, you'll also want the best cables. Allow yourself to enjoy the quality of the Profigold Audio HiFi Cable. This 1-meter audio cable has a 3.5mm jack connector on one end and 2 RCA plugs on the other, which makes it ideal for connecting an iPod, iPhone, or any other audio source to your amplifier and truly enjoying the sound.

Enjoy sound without any crackling or white noise

The Profigold Audio HiFi Cable will transmit the very best signal. Thanks to the 24-carat-gold-plated contacts and chrome connectors, you'll be sure that you won't experience any corrosion or interference. All in all: you won't hear the crackling and white noise in the background that many mid-range cables suffer from. The protective, yet flexible, jacket around the copper wiring guarantees that you'll always have a high-quality signal.

Recommended combination

  • 2x Profigold Audio HiFi Kabel 1 meter

    • Profigold Audio HiFi Kabel 1 meter
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