Coolblue Beer Glasses (12 units)

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Pros and cons

According to our Coolblue's must-have expert
  • Pros:
    Can hold 5cl more than a flute.
  • Pros:
    Thoroughly increases your drinking pleasure.
  • Pros:
    Easy to stack, thanks to the extra thick edges.
  • Con:
    Beer not included.
  • Con:
    Also known as an "Amsterdammertje".
Product Expert Coolblue's must-haves

Ale. Suds. Cold ones. Brewskis. No matter what you call it, you drink beer (our personal preference) from a glass. Some might prefer a mug, a goblet, a snifter, a chalice, a yard, a tumbler, a flute, a boot, a tulip, or a pokal, we prefer to drink our beer from a pint glass. One of these, to be exact. Sturdy, stackable, tapered, and fitted with a nice Coolblue logo. They have a 25cl capacity and come in sets of 12.

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Coolblue Beer Glasses (12 units)
Coolblue Beer Glasses (12 units)
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2 years
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