Falcon Eyes Light Stand W806

The Falcon Eyes W806 tripod is a universal light stand for in the studio. The tripod is sturdy but also light, so it can easily be taken on location. The tripod is spring loaded and can be easily adjusted in height, even with a lamp or flash. Due to the spigot adapter on the top, all common studio lighting can be placed on the tripod. The tripod's maximum working height is 260cm. With the help of optional accessories, the tripod can also be used to set up a background system. The maximum load of the Falcon Eyes W806 is as follows:

1st section 12+ kilograms - 2nd section 8+ kilograms - 3rd section 6+ kilograms

Recommended combination

  • Falcon Eyes Light Stand W806 + Memory card

    • Falcon Eyes Light Stand W806
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    Delivered tomorrow

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