Cambridge Audio Minx Min 22 White (per unit)

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Pros and cons

According to our HiFi speaker expert
  • Pros:
    The speaker produces a wide sonic image, so you can hear the sound anywhere in the room,
  • Pros:
    The BMR driver gives you a detailed, clear rendition of mid tones and treble.
  • Pros:
    The speaker has a woofer to produce bass tones.
  • Con:
    For more powerful bass tones and impressive movie sounds, you still need a subwoofer.

The Cambridge Audio Minx Min 22 is a small speaker with a large sound. The BMR driver in the satellite speaker gives you a wide sonic images and clear sounds. The woofer lets you enjoy rich basses. For a speaker that's only just bigger than a can of soda, it has a lot of power. This makes the speaker suitable for powerful receivers and for use in small to mid-sized rooms. Crazy about movies, but no theater in your home? Use the Minx Min 22 as part of a Minx surround set. This allows you to enjoy a spacious movie sound without having to cram the room full of big speakers.

Included by default

  • User manual
  • Mounting materials

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