Coolblue Gift Box (Dutch)

Pros and cons

According to our Coolblue's must-have expert
  • Pros:
    Adds that little bit of pizzazz to a gift card.
  • Pros:
    Creates a Coolblue mini box unpacking moment
  • Pros:
    You get it for free when you buy a gift card.
  • Con:
    Not recommended if you don't like hugs.
Product Expert Coolblue's must-haves

Note: the gift box is included for free with Coolblue gift cards. The text is in Dutch.

Coolblue Gift Box

The gift box is a small cardboard box that fits the Coolblue gift card perfectly. It has cheerful texts and festive confetti printed on it. When you remove the lid from the box, the bottom flips open, causing an explosion of happiness from the recipient.

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Coolblue Gift Box (Dutch)
Coolblue Gift Box (Dutch)
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Gift card
Gift card
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2 years
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Carry-in warranty

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