PRO-Mounts AquaPole

Pros and cons

  • Pros:
    The stick is transparent, which makes it less noticeable on photos and videos.
  • Con:
    The length of the selfie stick isn't continuously adjustable.

Description PRO-Mounts AquaPole

The PRO-Mounts AquaPole is an adjustable stick that keeps your action camera floating when it falls into the water. You can extend the stick to a length of 56 centimeters, so that you can record more of your surroundings. Thanks to the included remote clip, the AquaPole can also be used with the GoPro Smart Remote. Besides having an adjustable wrist strap, the grip also has a rubber anti-slip coating. As a result, the chances of losing the grip is even smaller. You can use the stick both in the water and on dry land.

Note: the GoPro camera isn't included.

Included by default

  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Remote clip
  • Mounting screw

Recommended combinations

  • Recommended by the expert

    Capture every moment with extra memory and safely store all your accessories.

    PRO-Mounts AquaPole + Memory card + Camera bag

    • PRO-Mounts AquaPole
    € 92,97 € 84,61
    7% discount on the accessories
    Delivered tomorrow
  • PRO-Mounts AquaPole + Memory card

    • PRO-Mounts AquaPole
    € 62,98 € 57,08
    5% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow
  • PRO-Mounts AquaPole + Battery

    • PRO-Mounts AquaPole
    € 64,98
    Delivered tomorrow
    Delivered tomorrow
  • PRO-Mounts AquaPole + Camera bag

    • PRO-Mounts AquaPole
    € 69,98 € 68,48
    5% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow

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