Alecto BC-05 Bath Frog Thermometer

The Alecto BC-05 Bath Frog Thermometer is absolutely no rookie when it comes to temperature measurements of bath water. He can really do that as the best. You just have to put it in the bath and it starts measuring immediately. The temperature is then clearly displayed on the screen. And if the temperature is between 36 and 39 degrees Celsius, he also shows immediately that you can bathe your baby. Then you see the text Bath on the screen. If the temperature is above 39 degrees Celsius, it will display a Hot icon . In that case, it makes more sense to let the water cool down before your little one soaks.

Clear and safe

All other temperatures are normally shown on the screen. If you forget to take the Alecto BC-05 Bath Frog Thermometer out of the bath, you do not have to worry about the safety of your youngest offspring. The BC-05 is in fact completely round and has no sharp edges. Moreover, it is completely waterproof so that there is no chance of a short circuit. So if you want to make sure that your sweetheart is not too hot during the bath, the Alecto BC-05 Bath Frog Thermometer is definitely the right choice.

Included by default

  • instructions
  • Button cell battery (CR2032)

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