Mondaine Helvetica No1 Silver/Brown

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Created with Sketch. Compatible with operating system
Android, iOS
Created with Sketch. Shows smartphone messages
Created with Sketch. Water resistance
Splash proof
Created with Sketch. Type of heart rate measurement
Optical heart rate measurement
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Pros and cons

According to our smart watch expert
  • Pros:
    The hybrid watch displays notifications with a light/a slight vibration/moving pointers.
  • Pros:
    Pair the hybrid watch with the accompanying app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Pros:
    The hybrid watch has a non-rechargeable battery that needs replacing after about 2 years.
  • Con:
    It isn't possible to control music on your smartphone with the hybrid watch.
Product Expert smartwatches

The Mondaine Helvetica No1 MH1.B2S80.LG hybrid watch has a traditional Swiss clockwork and smart functions. You connect the Helvetica No1 MH1.B2S10.LB to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The hybrid watch tracks your sleep rhythm and your movement, and motivates you to exercise enough. You can view this data in the accompanying app. The app also lets you set an alarm on the Mondaine that wakes you up when you're sleeping the lightest. This means you'll wake up rested. By having the Helvetica No1 connect to your smartphone, the watch always indicates the correct time, wherever you are in the world. Worried about an empty battery? The Mondaine Helvetica No1 battery lasts more than 2 years.


Current product
Mondaine Helvetica No1 Silver/Brown

Mondaine Helvetica No1 Silver/Brown

Price 599,- 599,-
Compatible with operating system Android, iOS Android, iOS
Shows smartphone messages No No
Water resistance Splash proof Splash proof

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