Inventum NM010++

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Key specs

Appliance placement
Energy label
Freezer quality
Anti-ice build-up
No (defrost 6 times a year)
Suitable for shed or garage

Pros and cons

According to our freezer expert
  • Pros:
    The freezer has low energy costs averaging about € 25 per year.
  • Con:
    Has a relatively small 140-liter freezer compartment.

The Inventum JS010++ is a basic freezer with room for 3 full shopping bags of frozen food. Store a stack of pizzas, bags of frozen vegetables, and snacks in the 4 freezer drawers and behind the upper hatch. You can operate the freezer with a dial. Turn it up to the highest setting and it freezes at the maximum setting. You can't set an exact temperature, but you can set a freeze setting. The door opens towards the right, but this can be reversed. If a door that opens to the left is more convenient for you, you can change this. You can read how in the manual.

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Recommended combinations

  • Recommended by our expert
    recommended by our expert

    With this spray, you can easily and quickly defrost your freezer, so it will remain energy-efficient.

    Inventum NM010++ + Cleaner

    • Inventum NM010++
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