Karcher steam cleaners

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Kärcher steam cleaners clean all hard surfaces in and around your house in a powerful and environmentally friendly way. The steam cleaner does not use chemicals. If you are considering purchasing a steam cleaner from Kärcher, it is advisable to match the choice to the cleaning job. For rush jobs, a steam cleaner with a quick warm-up time has been deployed. For a large cleaning job you use a high steam power and a removable water reservoir, so that you can easily fill up water during steaming. Read the reviews to learn more about the experiences of customers with Kärcher steam cleaners.

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  • Type of steam cleaner: Sled steam cleaner
  • Water reservoir capacity: 2 l
  • Maximum steam pressure: 4,2 bar
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  • Type of steam cleaner: Steam vacuum cleaner
  • Water reservoir capacity: 1 l
  • Maximum steam pressure: 4 bar
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