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4 reasons to choose an Intel RealSense camera

To many people, the webcam on a laptop is no more than that round, shiny dot at the top of the screen you use to Skype, record videos, or check your makeup. But now, there's a generation of cameras that adds a new dimension to the use of your laptop. Literally. With the Intel RealSense 3D camera, you can log in without a password, you can scan 3D models, and you can make gaming a lot more interactive. Read about the 4 reasons to choose a RealSense camera below.

1. Log in without a password

If you use the Intel RealSense camera in combination with Windows 10, you don't need a password to log in. In Windows 10, there's a new feature called Windows Hello that works as follow: sit in front of your laptop and the camera will automatically scan your face. Based on your unique external characteristics, it'll recognize you and you can log in without a password. Easy, because you don't have to remember a password anymore. A lot safer too, because your face serves as a password and nobody looks exactly like you.

2. Upgrade your videos and Skype calls

One moment you seem to be lying on the beach in Spain, and a second later you are on the icy plains of Alaska. How? With the RealSense camera. If you record a video of yourself, you can easily switch between different backgrounds. You can also use the camera during a video call, and show footage in the background to the person you're talking to. That's how you convince your colleagues to choose your idea during a Skype session, and how you can make even more beautiful vlogs and YouTube videos.

3. Easily scan 3D models

How cool is it to scan your own face to a 3D model and then upload it as a character in your favorite game? Very cool, actually. With the RealSense camera, it's done in a jiffy. Give the camera a few seconds, and before you know it you're a 3D model on your laptop screen. You can also use the camera to scan your creation and send it to a 3D printer.

4. Game with hand gestures

Use the RealSense camera to play games in a completely different way than you were used to before. You don't need a keyboard, mouse, or controller anymore, because gaming is simply done with hand gestures. The camera recognizes the movements you make with your hands, and you can now help the hero of the game over the abyss by lifting him up. You can also shoot your enemies by simply waving your fingers.

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