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5 reasons to buy a new TV

You've had the same television for years, but are unsure if it's due for a replacement. In this article, I'd like to make your doubts go away. Thanks to various modern developments, new TVs have a better image quality, a sleeker design, and useful extra accessories. Below, I'm going to list the 5 most important reasons to buy a new TV.

1. More images, the same amount of TV

A 40-inch TV you buy now is the same size as a 32-inch TV you bought 8 years ago. The modern technology of a TV takes up less space. That's why TVs have a flat design with thin borders nowadays. If you replace your TV with a new one that's the same size, you'll get much more screen space.

2. A sharper image with more colors

Full HD was the standard for years, but nowadays more and more movies and series are released in 4K UHD. This is 4 times sharper than Full HD, so you can see a lot more details. To enjoy that, you need a 4K televison. Other than the higher resolution, there are other techniques that improve the viewing experience. A QLED TV produces a color volume of 100%, and an OLED TV produces the blackest black.

3. Fast-moving images are even more fluent

Older televisions usually have a refresh rate of 50 Hz. That means the screen shows 50 images, or frames, per second. Newer televisions often have a refresh rate of 100 Hz, which means they show 100 images per second. If you're watching daytime TV, you won't notice the difference, but you will if you're watching an action movie or a sports game. Fast-moving images, like a tennis player's serve, are shown more fluently. Your viewing experience will be extra realistic.

4. Smart TVs are getting smarter and faster

Chances are you can already use your current TV to browse the internet or use apps. That doesn't mean that a new smart TV doesn't add anything. Modern televisions have a better platform and better processors. You won't just get extra functions and apps, but they'll also load faster. The remotes often have special buttons for the smart functions. You can open Netflix or YouTube by pressing one button, so you won't have to navigate through menus.

5. More design and accessory choices

Integrating a TV in your interior is getting easier and easier. The Samsung The Frame TV will display a work of art when you're not watching TV. Philips Ambilight TVs light up the wall with colors you also see on the screen. Other than the design, accessories are more innovative as well. The One Connect Box only needs 1 AV cable to connect to your TV. Many remotes have voice control or allow you to control all devices, like your Blu-ray player.

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