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Apple HomeKit in use

Apple HomeKit is an app on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to control various linked devices. You can make your house a lot smarter with an app. In this article, we'll tell you about different products that are suitable for HomeKit.

How does Apple HomeKit work with smart lights?

HomeKit smart lights

The Philips Hue lights are easy to operate via Apple HomeKit. To do this, first connect your light to HomeKit via a Hue bridge. After that, the lights can be controlled via the app. You can set the desired light color and light intensity on your iPhone or iPad. In addition, you can turn lights on or off whenever you want. The HomeKit app also lets you set different light scenes per room. For example, the lights switch off automatically when you leave the house.

How does Apple HomeKit work with thermostats?

Apple HomeKit thermostat

A Tado, Netatmo, or Honeywell thermostat is suitable for Apple HomeKit. When you connect your smart thermostat to the app, you can set the desired temperature for every moment of the day. For example, you can set the thermostat to be 20 degrees Celsius when you get home. If it's too cold in the room, you can raise the room temperature a little. All you have to do is grab your iPhone and swipe it on the screen.

How does Apple HomeKit work with smart plugs and sensors?

HomeKit smart plugs

EVE products are compatible with Apple HomeKit. The collection includes smart plugs, light switches, and various sensors. Connect a smart plug to Apple HomeKit and make any electrical device smart. After pairing it with the app, you can switch the device on and off remotely. You can also see the energy consumption of a connected device in the app. That's useful when you want to save on energy costs.

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