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Image baby monitor or smartphone baby monitor?

You're out, you want to see your little uk day and night. That's why you choose a baby monitor with camera. Still, you come to a choice. Are you going for an image baby monitor or a smartphone baby monitor? Both use a camera in the baby room. However, the way you keep an eye on your child is different; a monitor is included with a picture baby monitor and with a smartphone baby monitor you can view the images from the nursery on your smartphone or tablet. What else is different? In this article we explain that in great detail.

Which baby monitor do you choose?

Image baby monitor Smartphone baby monitor
You want to see your baby anywhere in the world. No Yes
You call / text a lot and therefore the battery of your smartphone is quickly empty. Yes No
Your Internet connection is stuck regularly. Yes No
You value the quality of the image. No Yes
You want to be able to keep an eye on your child with several people. No Yes

Image quality: image baby monitor and smartphone baby monitor

image quality baby monitor

Just good

In an image baby monitor, you can monitor your baby via the included monitor. The resolution of the monitor is often lower than, for example, the screen of your smartphone or tablet. You see your baby well, only small details like freckles are not shown. If this does not bother you, there is plenty of choice for you. Do you prefer an image quality like that of an iPhone for example? More and more HD picture baby monitors are appearing on the market that perfectly reflect those beautiful green eyes of your uk.

HD-quality baby monitor

Your baby in HD quality

As the name implies, you view your child with this baby monitor on your smartphone, but also on your tablet. You download the baby monitor app and place the camera in the baby room. Through the app you keep an eye on your baby. Both your smartphone or tablet and the camera influence the image quality. Nowadays almost all smartphone baby monitors are equipped with an HD camera. The image quality of a new smartphone is better than that of an image baby monitor.

range baby monitor

Reach picture baby monitor

** Large enough for single-family home **

The majority of baby monitors have a range of about 300 meters in open fields. Indoors you can count on a few dozen meters of range. Concrete walls, floors and electrical appliances reduce the range of the image baby monitor. Do you live in a single-family home? Then that is no problem. When you live in a big house or want to keep an eye on your baby when you're out, this range is usually not big enough.

range smartphone baby monitor

Reach smartphone baby monitor

** All over the world **

Wonen grandfather and grandmother far away? They are close to a smartphone baby monitor. Because these baby monitors communicate via WiFi or 4G, you have reach anywhere in the world. As long as you have a strong WiFi signal you can see your little one on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, it is possible to keep an eye on your baby with several people at the same time. Just a matter of downloading the app and logging in.

Which baby monitor should I choose?

Think of what requirements you set for a baby monitor with camera. Do you want to keep an eye on a wide range, sharp image and with several people at the same time? Then choose a smartphone baby monitor. Do you prefer to view your uk on a separate screen or is your WiFi signal in the house not very strong? Then choose an image baby monitor.

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