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How do you choose a car radio?

You want to listen to music while driving, but you don't know which car radio is suitable for you. Here, you can read which functions a car radio may have, such as Bluetooth and DAB+. You'll be able to listen to your favorite music on the go.

Choose car radio

Choose car radio

In terms of specifications, there are many differences between car radios. During your search, ask yourself the following:

  • Which size fits in your car?
  • Do you want to receive radio in high quality?
  • Do you like to listen to your own music?

Which size fits in your car?

Size car radios

There are 2 different types of car radios: 1-DIN and 2-DIN. A 1-DIN car radio is smaller and you mostly see it it in older cars. A 2-DIN car radio is larger and often has a screen that you operate with your fingers. This type of car radio usually has more functions as well, such as navigation and an app store. The exact measurements are:

  • 1-DIN: 180x50x150mm.
  • 2-DIN: 180x100x150mm.

Do you want to receive radio in high quality?

DAB+ car radio

With a DAB+ car radio, you receive the digital DAB+ signal. Because the signal is digital, you don't hear any white noise. While listening, you receive more information about the radio station and the latest news, such as the weather, on the screen of the car radio. Keep in mind that a car radio with DAB+ only works if you connect a DAB+ antenna. This isn't always included. So take a good look at the product pages of the car radio to see whether it's included.

Do you like to listen to your own playlists?

Bluetooth car radio

If you don't just want to listen to the radio in the car, choose a Bluetooth car radio. You connect your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth and stream music. Because the car radio is connected to the car speakers, you can listen to your favorite songs in high quality while driving.

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