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How do you choose the right laptop compartment size?

When you're traveling with your laptop, you need a bag with the correct laptop compartment size. The laptop compartment shouldn't be too big, otherwise your laptop will slide back and forth. The compartment can't be too small either, of course. In this article, we'll explain how you can measure your laptop in order to choose the correct bag.

Choose the correct laptop compartment size

Take the following 3 steps to make sure that your laptop will fit in the laptop compartment of your bag.

  • Measure your laptop completely. You'll need a measuring tape for this.
  • Calculate the inches of your laptop.
  • Choose the right bag.

What's the size of my laptop?

Measuring your laptop

Grab a measuring tape and close your laptop. Measure your laptop diagonally in centimeters.

It's important that you not only measure the screen of your laptop, but the complete laptop. Some laptops have a wide bezel around the screen. This means that your 15-inch laptop could be too big for a 15-inch laptop compartment after all.

How many inches is my laptop?

Calculating inches laptop

After you diagonally measure your laptop in the centimeters, it's time to convert it to inches.

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters Divide the diagonal size of your screen by 2.54.

Calculation example: The diagonal of your laptop is 36 centimeters Divide 36 by 2.54. The outcome is 14. Your laptop is 14 inches

Calculation example: The diagonal of your laptop is 42 centimeters. Divide 42 by 2.54. The outcome is 16.55. Your laptop is 16.55 inches.

Choosing the right laptop bag

Inch sizes laptop screen

Now that you know how many inches your laptop is, it's time to choose the right bag.

Is your laptop exactly 15 inches? Then you choose a bag with a 15-inch laptop compartment.

Is your laptop in between 2 sizes? Then always round up, so that you can be sure that your laptop fits in the laptop compartment.

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