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The AEG 8000 dryer vs the AEG 9000 dryer

Do you want your laundry to keep looking like new for as long as possible? Check out the AEG dryers in the 8000 or 9000 series. Both series have separate settings for drying wool, silk, and gym clothes, for example. If you don't feel like sorting, you'll want an AEG 9000 model. This can dry different fabrics at the same time. In this article, you can read what you'll notice from this.

Series buildup

AEG 6000 AEG 7000 AEG 8000 AEG 9000
FiberPro No No No Yes
AbsoluteCare No No Yes Yes
SensiDry No Yes Yes Yes
ProSense Yes Yes Yes Yes
Energy label B A+ to A+++ A++ to A+++ A+++
Load capacity 7kg 7 - 8kg 8 - 9kg 8kg

Difference in technology

AEG 8000 dryer

AEG 8000: suitable for all laundry

If you want to dry your woolen sweater or silk blouse, the AbsoluteCare technology will benefit you. With it, the dryer adjusts its drum motions and rotation speed to the type of laundry, so your clothes retain their shape and don't wear as much. With a silk cycle, the drum slowly rotates to the left and right. This reduces creases, and you won't need to worry about wear.

AEG 9000 dryer

AEG 9000: suitable for drying all laundry simultaneously

Like an AEG 8000 model, the 9000 series adjusts its drum motion to the type of laundry. That way, your clothes will continue to look good for longer. Besides AbsoluteCare, the 9000 series also has FiberPro. This is a moisture sensor that measures which parts of your laundry are the wettest. If one item of clothing is wetter than another, the dryer will adjust the heat distribution. That means you won't need to sort everything before putting it in the drum.

Difference in energy consumption

Energy label AEG 8000 dryer

AEG 8000: saves € 838 to € 999

Among the 8000 series, there are dryers with an A++ or A+++ energy label. If you get an A++ model, you'll save at least € 838 on energy costs over the machine's entire lifespan. This estimation is made compared to a condenser dryer with a B energy label. For this estimation, we assume an 8kg model that lasts 12 years on average. An A+++ model saves € 999 over its lifespan on average.

Energy label AEG 9000 dryer

AEG 9000: saves € 999

The 9000 series has an A+++ energy label by default, so it's the most energy efficient of all the AEG dryers. Let's say the heat pump dryer lasts 12 years. You'll save € 999 on average over the machine's entire lifespan. We make this estimation compared to a condenser dryer with a B energy label. We assume an 8kg model here.

Difference in load capacity

Load capacity AEG 8000

AEG 8000: ranges from 8 to 9kg

When buying an AEG 8000 dryer, you can choose either an 8 or a 9kg load capacity. If you choose 8kg, the drum is big enough for the laundry of 3 or 4 people. If you choose an 8000 dryer with a 9kg load capacity, it's suitable for 5 or more people.

Load capacity AEG 9000

AEG 9000: only 8kg

AEG's 9000 series currently only has an 8kg model. This can dry the laundry of 3 or 4 people. If you have a large family, it's possible that the drum fills up more quickly and that you'll need to dry multiple times.

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