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How do I connect my wireless headphones to my TV?

Before you can watch TV with your headphones, you must first connect them to your TV. This article will help you step by step.


There are a number of important things to know before we start the installation:

  • The installation takes about 10 minutes.
  • Your TV's speakers will be switched off.
  • Place the broadcasting station in a logical place next to your TV. Make sure that another wireless device is at least 50 centimeters away to prevent malfunctions.

Step 1: insert batteries into your headphones

Headphones on charging station

Turn or click the cushions off your earcup to put the batteries in the headphones. Put the headphones in the charging station and connect them to the power network. Switch the headphones off and charge the headphones for about 16 hours the first time. Some headphones have an LED that turns green when the headphones are fully charged. If your headphones do not have this, after the first time, you have about 3 to 4 hours of charging time.

Step 2: connect the sending station to the TV or receiver

Connection cables

Connect the transmitter to the power outlet and connect it to your TV or receiver. This can be done with an RCA, 3.5mm or optical cable. Look carefully if 1 of these connections is on your television. These inputs are often located on the side or back of the TV. The required cables are not always included.

Step 3: connect to the sending station

Option 1: headphones with a (auto) tuning button

Press the (auto) tuning button on your headphones. The headset now searches for a connection with the sending station.

Option 2: headphones with switch

Your headphones and sending station contain a frequency switch, consisting of a number of buttons. Set the headphone and transmitting device switch to the same channel. For example, if you set channel 1 on the broadcasting station, you should also set channel 1 on your headphones.

Option 3: headphones with manual frequency setting

The headphones have a slide or dial that lets you adjust the radio frequency until you hear silent sound from your TV.

Step 4: adjust the volume

Buttons on headphones

Turn the volume of your headphones to the highest level. Then set the desired volume with the remote control of your TV. Do it in this order, so that you prevent the TV from playing too loud when you want to watch TV through the speakers.

** Note **: there is no sound coming from the speaker of your TV as the sending station via an RCA or 3.5mm cable is connected to your TV. With an optical connection you hear both sound from your TV and from your headphones.

You're done!

Watching television with headphones

From now on you watch undisturbed television with your headphones. If you want to hear the sound from the speakers of your television again, disconnect the connection from your television.

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