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Airfryer vs oven

At first, you will think that an airfryer is just a smaller variant of a fan oven. Despite the fact that both use hot air, an airfryer gives a different baking result than a fan oven. You also use both machines to make other types of dishes. In this article, we explain the differences.

In short

Airfryer Fan oven
Preheat 0-2 minutes Preheat for 5-10 minutes
Prepares crispy snacks Odds of soggy fries and snacks
Suitable for smaller dishes Suitable for larger dishes
With fat drainage system Without grease discharge system


Airfryer basket with eggs and croissants

Airfryer - short preheating

An airfryer only needs 2 minutes to reach a temperature of 180 degrees. This allows you to quickly bake some bread or cook a piece of meat or fish. This way, you can easily use the airfryer during the week when you have limited time.

2 ovens with potatoes, chicken, and vegetables

Fan oven - long preheating

Preheating takes about 5 to 10 minutes in a fan oven. This means that you can't prepare a chicken leg or other snack that quickly. You will have to take some extra time into account when preparing ingredients in a fan oven.

Baking result

airfryer with fries, chicken, and vegetables

Airfryer - Crispy fries and snacks

An airfryer is designed so that ingredients you prepare in it become crispy. This is because fat and juices released during baking are drained to the bottom of the airfryer. This not only ensures healthier snacks, but it also prevents soggy fries. The airfryer is more suitable if you like crispy fries and snacks.

Oven with fries

Fan oven - Soggy fries and snacks

In a fan oven, you prepare ingredients with a stream of hot air, just like with the airfryer. But a fan oven doesn't have a drainage system for fats and juices. Part of the moisture has no chance to evaporate and enters the dish. This makes fries and snacks more soggy and softer in structure.

Size and capacity

Airfryer with potatoes and vegetables

Airfryer - Small capacity

Airfryers come in different sizes. There are also XXL variants, but these will never have the same capacity as a fan oven. As a result, there is less room to place a baking dish in the airfryer, for example. It's also not possible to bake a large apple pie for your birthday, or to make many snacks at once.

Oven with cake, cookies, and paninis

Fan oven - Large capacity

A fan oven is especially suitable for baking large quantities or long products. Consider baking a large baguette or cooking a dish in a large baking dish. You can also easily bake multiple breads. This is useful when you have a large household, or when you have guests coming over.


An airfryer is easy to use along side of your fan oven. The one doesn't rule out the other. In an airfryer, you can bake snacks or chicken legs in a short time until they're cooked and crispy. This is thanks to the short warm-up time and the smart fat removal system. Do you bake snacks in a fan oven? If so, this takes more time and you may get soggy fries. You can use a fan oven for larger dishes such as oven dishes or to bake a large apple pie.

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