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How much energy does a dryer use?

To save energy, you must look at the energy consumption of a dryer. You'll find this on the energy label. The more energy-efficient the dryer, the better for the environment and your energy bill. Do you want the most energy-efficient dryer? Buy a dryer with energy label A+++.

Energy consumption

Annual energy consumption Annual energy costs Savings compared to energy label B after 5 years
A+++ 176kWh € 40.48 € 371.45
A++ 211kWh € 48.53 € 331.20
A+ 250kWh € 57.50 € 286.35
B 499kWh € 114.77 € 0.00

Energy label

Energy label A+++ dryer

The right side of the energy label tells you how much energy the dryer uses. We define the energy use in kWh per year. Do you want a dryer with a low energy use? Opt for an A+++ model. This will save you a yearly average amount of € 75 in comparison to a dryer with energy label B. We base this on a 7kg load capacity.

Calculate energy costs

The energy costs per kWh are € 0.23. Do you want to calculate what your average annual energy costs are? Multiply the energy consumption in kWh with € 0.23.

For example: 499kWh x € 0.23 = € 114.77. This is what your annual energy costs are with a dryer with energy label B. The energy label bases this on 160 drying cycle per year.

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