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Tips for using your dryer

Do you want your clothes to dry well and your laundry and dryer to last as long as possible? Read our dryer tips here. Before you dry your laundry, first check the drying symbols on the label in your clothing. It's also important that you stick to the maximum load capacity and that you regularly clean your dryer.

Tip 1: check the drying symbols

Droogsymbolen droogkast

To prevent your favorite laundry from shrinking, always check the symbols on the label on the inside of your laundry. You can dry clothes that shouldn't go in the dryer by hanging them or laying them down somewhere. A woolen sweater that you dry on a rack, for example, should never be dried hanging, since that will stretch it out. Always take care to follow the instructions.

You can view the most important drying symbols here.

  • Symbol 1: Dryer, low setting
  • Symbol 2: Dryer, high setting
  • Symbol 3: Don't dry in the dryer
  • Symbol 4: Dry lying down
  • Symbol 5: Dry hanging

Tip 2: spin your laundry in advance

Miele dryer

Make sure to set your washing machine to spin at a high speed (at least 1,400RPM). That way, your laundry will be dryer when it comes out of the washing machine, and won't need to go in the dryer for as long. It's better for your laundry, it'll dry your laundry quicker, and you'll save on your energy bill. Do note: wool, silk, and other delicate laundry are not suitable for this.

Tip 3: close buttons and zippers

Display Miele droogkast

Close any buttons or zippers, and don't dry jeans together with delicate laundry. Whether or not your new dryer has a laundry-care drum, most damage to clothes is caused by the friction of one clothing item against another. Denim, in particular, has a scraping effect.

Tip 4: stick to the load capacity

Droogkast in woning

It seems obvious, but overstuffing the drum just a little is something we all do once in a while, and it can have unpleasant consequences in the long run. That's why you should try to stick to your dryer's recommended load capacity: an overfilled drum not only means your laundry won't get as dry, it may even damage the dryer. Also make sure not to use fabric softener for clothes that are going in the dryer. The substances in fabric softener will get on the sensors in the dryer and may cause it to malfunction.

Tip 5: clean the dryer regularly

Trommel droogkast

To ensure that your dryer dries efficiently, keep the lint filter and condenser clean. You should clean the fluff filter after every cycle. You can do this by removing the filter from the dryer and removing large dust particles. You should clean this thoroughly every month with a vacuum. The condenser is located at the bottom of your dryer. If you have a condenser dryer, rinse it. With a heat pump dryer, the condenser is built in and can be cleaned with a vacuum.

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