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3 ways to expand your Sonos system

A Sonos speaker offers a lot of listening pleasure, but the fun really starts when you have more than one speaker. By connecting several speakers wirelessly with each other, they simultaneously play the same song. There are 3 different ways to let your speakers play the sound synchronously. You can choose from a multiroom, home cinema or stereo setup. On this page we tell you all about it.

1. Create a multi-room system

Create a multi-room system

With the Sonos multiroom system you play the same song in different rooms. Spread up to 32 speakers through your home and connect them wirelessly via Wi-Fi. The Sonos app gives you complete control over every speaker, wherever you are in the house. You send music to a separate speaker or let each speaker play the same song at the same time. You can adjust the volume per room. Do you have a big party where your guests are not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen or hall? Then everyone listens to the same playlist.

2. Listen to powerful stereo sound

Listen to powerful stereo sound

If you place 2 speakers in 1 room, you can easily create a stereo pair. Because the speakers separate the left and right channels, you listen to a clear stereo sound. For the best sound, place the speakers 1.5 to 2.5 meters apart and point them at your listening position. You can place the Play: 3 and Play: 5 speakers horizontally or vertically. The Play: 5 speakers automatically recognize how they are placed and adjust their sound reproduction accordingly. A horizontal placement ensures a wide spread of the sound. With a vertical setup you send the sound to a specific place, such as your listening chair.

3. Improve your TV's sound

Improve your TV's sound

Sonos has a powerful soundbar and subwoofer with the Playbar and Sub. Combine them with 2 Play speakers and create a powerful 5.1 set. The sound of your TV is played synchronously by each speaker, but filtered so that each speaker represents a specific part of the frequencies. The Sonos Sub only plays the deep bass tones, while the Playbar focuses on the vocals and effects. Through the Play speakers the sound comes from every corner of the room. Because the speakers are precisely tuned to each other, your films and games sound clear and true to nature.

Sonos Boost & Connect

In addition to speakers, Sonos has various components that you use to strengthen or expand the Sonos system. With the Boost you create a powerful wireless network, while with the Connect you add each speaker to the Sonos system. Even the vintage speakers that were still from your grandfather.

Sonos Boost & Connect



If your Wi-Fi network is not strong enough for a comprehensive multi-room system, go for the Sonos Boost. With this signal amplifier you create your own network for your Sonos speakers. Because the sound is not disturbed by signals from other wireless devices, your music always sounds clear. You do not suffer from noise, disturbances or hitches. The 3 antennas of the Boost spread a powerful signal through floors and walls. This allows you to effortlessly stream music to any room of your home.

Sonos Connect and Connect: Amp

Sonos Connect and Connect: Amp

Do you have a set of old speakers in the house? Then you add them with the Sonos Connect to the wireless Sonos system. This gives your speakers the same streaming and multiroom capabilities as any other Sonos speaker. You have the choice between the Connect and the Connect: Amp. Connect the Connect to active speakers or the receiver of your hi-fi set. If you have a set of passive speakers, connect them with a speaker cable to the Connect: Amp. This device has a class D amplifier that sends a powerful 55 watt power to your speakers.

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