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Apple iPhone SE in use

The late Steve Jobs once said: "No one's going to buy big phones". According to the then-CEO of Apple, the ideal smartphone screen size was 3.5 inches. Still, the screen grew from 4 inches in 2012 to at least 4.7 inches in 2014. But the demand for a new 4-inch iPhone was still there. As a result, Apple introduced the iPhone SE in March of this year.

Apple iPhone SE no longer available

Apple iPhone SE is no longer available due to the arrival of new devices.

Out of the box

iPhone SE colors

Anyone who has ever held an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s knows how the iPhone SE feels. It has the exact same design. Thanks to its compact size, the device is comfortable to hold. Perhaps most importantly, I can easily operate it with one hand. The IPhone SE is more angular than the iPhone 6, so it's easier for me to hold the device. The Apple iPhone SE may not win awards for originality, but it's a familiar and tried-and-tested design.

Specifications explained

Apple put the hardware of the 6s in an iPhone with the design of the iPhone 5s. There are a few exceptions: the iPhone SE does not have 3D Touch. However, the Apple iPhone SE has the same 1.2 megapixel selfie camera as the iPhone 5s. The camera on the back is the same as that of the iPhone 6s: 12 megapixels. The A9 processor of the iPhone 6s was also put in the SE. In short, the iPhone SE is a powerhouse, but one that is easily used with one hand.

Apple iPhone SE design

iPhone SE design

The Apple iPhone SE is a little small for modern standards in my opinion. This phone is more pleasant to use than a larger model. I don't feel like the device is slipping out of my hands the whole time. Also, I can reach all corners of the screen with my thumb without having to adjust the position of my hand. Added bonus: I can hardly feel my phone in the pocket of my relatively tight pants. In short, I have little to no complaints about the design.

Apple iPhone SE camera

iPhone SE camera

The Apple iPhone SE has a 12 megapixel camera that I can take decent photos with. The photos are truthful and show a lot of detail. I think the interface is very user-friendly. Although the camera of the iPhone SE is the best iPhone camera so far, it doesn't compare to some Android competitors, who already have a dual camera. I'm not particularly enthusiastic about the selfie camera. It has a 1.3 megapixel resolution. As far as I am concerned, that's not of this day and age.


The Apple iPhone SE is a personal favorite. I had to get used to the smaller screen. The fact that I can easily operate this device with one hand and that it easily fits into all my pants pockets compensates for the loss of screen surface. I'm also very happy with the good camera of the iPhone SE. I think the device is very pleasant to use and the compromises I have to make are minimal.

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