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Expert review of the Dyson Pure Cool Me

The Dyson Pure Cool Me is the first personal air-purifying fan on the market. This fan doesn't only ensure that you can enjoy a cool breeze, it also cleans the air. This way, it only blows clean air in your face. What is it like to have the Pure Cool Me on your desk? I tested it for you.

Dyson Pure Cool Me

  • For tables, desks, and nightstands
  • Filters pollen, allergens, fine dust, odors, and smoke
  • Has a night mode
in stock
  • You can easily adjust the blowing direction by moving the round surface.
  • You'll be notified if you have to replace the filters.
  • You can use it as an air purifier and as a fan.
  • The compact size makes it easy to fit on your desk.
  • Blows out clean air, but it doesn't purify the entire room.
  • A fan doesn't cool the air, but only displaces it.
  • It's not possible to connect the air-purifying fan to the Dyson Link App.

Out of the box

Dyson Pure Cool Me desk

The first personal air cleaning fan has finally been launched: the Dyson Pure Cool Me. This air cleaner ensures that you only breathe in clean air when you point the fan at you. When I saw the box on my desk, I felt like a little child receiving a birthday present. Of course I opened it immediately. The box contains:

  • Dyson Pure Me
  • Remote control
  • Power cable
  • Instructions

At first I thought the filter was missing, but Dyson has already placed it in the device for you.

First impressions

Dyson Pure Cool Me

I unpack the Pure Cool Me and put it directly on my desk. The air cleaner is small in size, so that fits easily. You move the round surface of the fan up and down to adjust the air flow. I expected that you could move the round surface in all directions, but unfortunately that is not possible. The Pure Cool Me does have an oscillation function, so that it rotates.

Clean air around the desk

Pure Cool Me desk

With the air cleaning fan on my desk I only breathe in clean air during work. The air cleaner alone does not clean all the air in the room. To breathe in the clean air you have to direct the air flow at you. With the Pure Me on my desk, I have the feeling that I don't have to sneeze less often than without the Pure Me. Great, because that way I also have fewer tears and I can work better.

Silent in lowest positions

Pure Cool Me position 3

The air cleaning fan has been specially developed to place on a desk or table, so the sound is very important. In positions 1 to 5, the air cleaner makes little noise. So a great fan for your desk or bedside table. From position 6 I started to really notice the sound, but then there was also a strong wind coming from the fan.


  • For tables, desks, and nightstands
  • Filters pollen, allergens, fine dust, odors, and smoke
  • Has a night mode
in stock

The Dyson Pure Cool Me is a good fan that ensures that you breathe in clean air during work or in the bedroom. I find it very pleasant that you can direct the airflow towards you, so that you get exactly the cooling you need. Unlike a normal fan, the Pure Me is a fan that also contributes to your health. You only breathe in clean air. Great, because you don't have to sneeze so much.

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