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Announced: Google Pixel

New: Google Pixel! Google is taking the fight to Apple and Samsung with the Pixel: a high-end smartphone that should compete with the premium models by Apple and Samsung. There's something for everyone: 32GB or 128GB of storage capacity, 5-inch or 5.5-inch screen, and available in black, white/silver, and white/blue.

When will the Google Pixel (XL) be in stock?

Update 18 July 2017

It's clear by now that Google Pixel isn't sold in the Netherlands, and that it never will be. In Q4 this year, we're expecting an announcement on the Pixel 2 by Google. Hopefully, the search engine giant will officially release the device in the Netherlands.

Update 8 November 2016

The new Pixel line hasn't officially been introduced in the Netherlands yet. We're waiting excitedly for Google to send their flagship to the Netherlands. When this will happen exactly is still unknown.

Back when Pixel was Nexus

Remember when Google Pixel was just a rumor that roamed the hallways as 'the new Nexus'? Meanwhile, we know better. The Nexus doesn't exist anymore, and Google is going down a new road with Pixel. Want to bask in the afterglow of the rumors surrounding the new Nexus? You can find them on our 'New Nexus rumor page'.

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